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What should you pay attention to when buying a smoke curtain

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More and more people begin to pay attention to fire prevention. Because the destructiveness of fire is unpredictable, it will not only put personal safety in danger, but also cause a lot of property damage, so how to prevent fire is particularly important. 

The smoke curtain is a fire-fighting smoke-blocking facility, which can automatically droop by sensing temperature, sensing smoke or other control equipment during a fire. Mainly used in high-rise or super-high-rise large shopping malls, office buildings and warehouses, etc., it can effectively block the lateral flow of smoke under the roof of  building, so as to improve the smoke exhaust effect in the smoke-proof zone, and play a certain role in ensuring safety of people's lives and property.

What should you pay attention to when buying a smoke curtain?


According to different scenarios and different needs, choose the suitable smoke blocking barrier. For example, there are differences in the functions of the fixed smoke blocking wall and the active smoke curtain, so it needs to be purchased according to different needs and different scenarios.


Checking the certificate sign on the smoke curtain. Each fire door will have a fixed permanent mark, which will indicate the product name, model specifications, manufacturer, date of manufacture, implementation standards, etc. You can roughly understand the material, manufacturer and other information of the smoke curtain according to these information.


Checking the appearance. When purchasing a smoke curtain,you must pay attention to check whether the splicing of the smoke curtain is dense, whether some important parts are complete and responsive, and whether the surface of the smoke curtain is smooth, etc..

Anlin designs and manufactures smoke curtain according to the standard requirements of EN 12101-1, and the products adopt the latest absolute value electronic limit technology, no need to reset the limit when power off, this product has been approved by Intertek's Warnock Hersey (WH) mark certification (construction product safety and performance mark recognized in North America and Europe), the company also passedISO: 9001. ISO:14001 and IS0:45001 management system certification.

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