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smoke barrier

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  • Understanding The Mechanics of Smoke Curtains: A Comprehensive Analysis
    Introduction: In the realm of fire safety engineering, smoke curtains stand as a pivotal innovation, offering a dynamic solution to the containment and management of smoke and heat during fire incidents. This essay aims to delve deep into the workings of smoke curtains, exploring their mechanisms, f
  • Application of smoke curtain system
    Smoke curtains, also known as smoke barriers or smoke screens, are devices or systems designed to control the movement of smoke and protect occupants during a fire incident. They are typically used in buildings, tunnels, and other enclosed spaces where smoke management is critical for occupant safet
  • What should you pay attention to when buying a smoke curtain
    More and more people begin to pay attention to fire prevention. Because the destructiveness of fire is unpredictable, it will not only put personal safety in danger, but also cause a lot of property damage, so how to prevent fire is particularly important. The smoke curtain is a fire-fighting smoke-
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