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elevator smoke curtain

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  • Title: Elevator Smoke Curtains: Enhancing Fire Safety in Vertical Transportation Systems
    Introduction: Elevator smoke curtains represent a crucial component of fire protection systems in modern buildings, especially high-rises and skyscrapers where vertical transportation is a necessity. These specialized curtains play a vital role in containing smoke and heat within elevator shafts dur
  • what is the function of smoke blocking barrier
    We can see the smoke blocking barrier in many large shopping mall and office buildings, What is the function ?The function of the smoke curtain is to prevent the smoke or hot air from flowing freely laterally under the ceiling when a fire occurs, so as to strengthen the smoke exhaust effect of each
  • What should you pay attention to when buying a smoke curtain
    More and more people begin to pay attention to fire prevention. Because the destructiveness of fire is unpredictable, it will not only put personal safety in danger, but also cause a lot of property damage, so how to prevent fire is particularly important. The smoke curtain is a fire-fighting smoke-
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