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How Does a Smoke Curtain curtain of fire fiberglass fabric anti fire curtain Work?

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elevator fire curtain

Smoke curtains

These curtains integrate with a building's existing fire protection system and descend to cover the elevator openings when smoke or fire alarms go off. They provide a complete seal to prevent smoke from traveling up the elevator shaft and entering other building floors, containing the smoke a structure fire produces to a single story and helping to save lives.

Fire curtains also limit airflow to the fire to deprive it of oxygen. Since they prevent oxygen from traveling to the floor of the fire, firefighters can leave doors and windows open without concern that it will fan the flames. By containing smoke to specific areas, smoke curtains help firefighters see which levels and rooms have smoke so they can control the fire. While not fireproof themselves, smoke curtains play a crucial role in containing and shrinking a fire.

When not in use, the curtains are completely hidden in the ceiling. As an alternative to an enclosed elevator lobby, they offer architects increased design flexibility and save considerable space. Building owners also appreciate smoke curtains because they expand the leasable and usable space on elevator-access floors by eliminating enclosed lobby requirements.

Outside of elevator shafts, smoke curtains can also be used over standard openings and doorways throughout a building. A draft curtain is another variation used in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, airplane hangars and other structures with expansive floor plans. Instead of providing a total barricade, they're placed strategically near exhaust vents to encourage smoke to move through the vents rather than throughout the space. Perimeter curtains are used in open shafts like staircases and escalators to create a smoke and fire barrier on all sides.

An elevator smoke curtain is a thick fiberglass sheet that is installed above elevator doors. When a fire or smoke detector activates, the curtain descends automatically. Then, it acts as a physical barrier to prevent smoke from entering other areas of a building. They're usually installed in elevator shafts since these passageways can act like chimneys to bring smoke to other floors of a multistory building. Smoke curtains also prevent oxygen from traveling through the elevator shaft and fueling the fire itself. They are discreet and blend in with the architectural design until deployed.

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