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concertina fire curtain

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  • Material of fire barrier curtain fire rated curtains rolling smoke curtain
    Smoke curtains are made from fibreglass and use a specific coating that is created to prevent the curtain from emitting gas or additional smoke.
  • How Does a Smoke Curtain curtain of fire fiberglass fabric anti fire curtain Work?
    These curtains integrate with a building's existing fire protection system and descend to cover the elevator openings when smoke or fire alarms go off. They provide a complete seal to prevent smoke from traveling up the elevator shaft and entering other building floors, containing the smoke a structure fire produces to a single story and helping to save lives.
  • fire barrier curtain-fire baffle area
    Openings between escalators or stairs have the potential tospread fire and smoke vertically through a building veryquickly. ANLIN fire and smoke curtains can be installedaround openings in a variety of ways depending on require-ments, providing an effective smoke barrier, when not inuse, there are n
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