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smoke curtain system

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  • Whta is the smoke curtyain system?
    A smoke curtain system is a safety measure designed to control the movement of smoke within a building in the event of a fire. The primary purpose of such a system is to enhance the safety of building occupants and improve conditions for firefighters by limiting the spread of smoke, which can be a s
  • smoke curtain VS fire curtain
    Smoke curtains and fire curtains are two different passive fire protection systems used to control and manage smoke and fire in buildings. They serve distinct purposes and are designed to enhance safety in case of a fire. Here's a comparison of smoke curtains and fire curtains:Purpose:Smoke Curtain:
  • how do smoke curtains work?
    Smoke curtains, also known as smoke containment systems or smoke curtains, are designed to control and contain smoke within a specific area during a fire emergency. They work by deploying a barrier made of fire-resistant or smoke-resistant materials to prevent the spread of smoke and fire from one a
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