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smoke curtain VS fire curtain

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Smoke curtains and fire curtains are two different passive fire protection systems used to control and manage smoke and fire in buildings. They serve distinct purposes and are designed to enhance safety in case of a fire. Here's a comparison of smoke curtains and fire curtains:

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Smoke Curtain: A smoke curtain is primarily designed to contain and control the spread of smoke within a building. It helps to create a barrier that prevents smoke from moving into other areas of the building, allowing occupants to evacuate safely and reducing smoke damage.

Fire Curtain: A fire curtain, on the other hand, is designed to provide a physical barrier that can withstand high temperatures and flames. It is used to compartmentalize a space, preventing the spread of fire from one area to another, such as in open-plan buildings, atriums, or large commercial spaces.

Composition and Operation:

Smoke Curtain: Smoke curtains are typically made of fire-resistant fabric materials. They are deployed automatically in response to a fire alarm or manually by building occupants or emergency personnel. Smoke curtains are more flexible and lightweight compared to fire curtains.

Fire Curtain: Fire curtains are constructed using heavy-duty fire-resistant materials, often including steel or fire-resistant glass. They are designed to drop or descend automatically when a fire is detected, creating a fire-resistant barrier between different sections of a building. Fire curtains are more robust and capable of withstanding direct exposure to flames and high temperatures.

Protection Level:

Smoke Curtain: Smoke curtains primarily protect against smoke propagation. They do not provide a barrier against flames or intense heat.

Fire Curtain: Fire curtains offer protection against both smoke and fire. They are designed to withstand the heat and flames of a fire for a specified period, typically up to two hours or more, depending on their fire rating.


Smoke Curtain: Smoke curtains are commonly used in buildings where smoke containment is critical, such as shopping malls, airports, and theaters.

Fire Curtain: Fire curtains are employed in spaces where fire compartmentalization is required, such as atriums, industrial facilities, and large commercial buildings.

In summary, while both smoke curtains and fire curtains serve important roles in fire safety, their main differences lie in their intended purposes, composition, and level of protection. Smoke curtains focus on controlling smoke, while fire curtains are designed to provide a barrier against both smoke and flames. The choice between them depends on the specific fire safety needs of a building and its design.

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