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Difference of Smoke Curtain And Fire Curtain

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A smoke curtain and a fire curtain are both safety devices used in buildings to control the spread of smoke and fire. However, they serve different purposes and operate in distinct ways.

Smoke Curtain:

Purpose: The primary purpose of a smoke curtain is to control the movement of smoke within a building during a fire. It helps in preventing smoke from spreading to other areas, allowing occupants to evacuate safely and reducing the risk of smoke inhalation.

Operation: Smoke curtains are typically made of fire-resistant materials and are deployed either automatically in response to smoke detection or manually by building occupants or emergency personnel. They are designed to create a barrier that restricts the movement of smoke.

Fire Curtain:

Purpose: The main function of a fire curtain is to contain the spread of fire within a specific area or compartment of a building. It helps in preventing the fire from spreading to adjacent spaces, allowing more time for evacuation and firefighting efforts.

Operation: Fire curtains are usually activated automatically in response to fire detection systems. They are made from fire-resistant materials and descend or deploy to create a physical barrier that inhibits the progress of the fire.

In summary, while both smoke curtains and fire curtains are used for fire safety, a smoke curtain focuses on controlling the movement of smoke, whereas a fire curtain is designed to contain and limit the spread of the fire itself. They are complementary devices that contribute to the overall fire protection strategy in buildings.

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