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Application of smoke blocking curtains

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Where can the smoke curtain be applied?

4-Escalators and Stairs

Openings between escalators or stairs have the potential to spread fire and smoke vertically through a building very quickly. Anlin Fire and smoke curtain can install around the opening in variety ways according to needs. The enclosure provides an effective smoke barrier.Also , when not in use, concealed in the ceiling as long as there are no physical barriers or restrictions. 

SMoke-tight escalators or stairs can be created if desired.Combined with the intelligent control system, it can control the operation connected to the escalator to facilitate escape and buttons.

5-The Atrium Chimney

Many office buildings and shopping malls have an open atrium design. In order to prevent smoke or open flames from spreading from one floor to another, use Anlin smoke curtain for isolation and protection ,speeding up the emission of smoke ,protecting people and property to the greatest extent.

In addition to the conventional in -line smoke blocking wall,   circular or special shape atrium also can use Anlin's smoke curtain. We can folding and pulling the curtain according to the shape of the atrium.

6-Fire Compartment

The compartment is set to protect goods from fire. The installation of Anlin fire &smoke curtain can provide good protection against fire ,smoke and heat transfer.

7-Exterior fire protection

There are many buildings still use external stairs for escape. If the fire leaks at the lower floor, it will affect the escape in this way. Install Anlin's fire & Smoke curtain can protect stairs and escape routes from smoke ,heat and open flames.

Passive fire protection

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