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Material classification and installation requirements for smoke curtain system

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  1. Main materials and classification of smoke-blocking curtains:

The smoke-blocking vertical wall is made of non-combustible material as a smoke-proof partition for the smoke-proof partition, and the fire resistance limit is not less than 0.5h. It is installed vertically under the roof, beam or suspended ceiling of the building, which can form a certain smoke storage space in the event of a fire.

The smoke-blocking vertical wall can be divided into a fixed smoke-blocking vertical wall and a movable smoke-blocking vertical wall.

Fixed smoke blocking wall: The fixed smoke blocking vertical wall is a fixed smoke blocking wall that can meet the set smoke blocking height;

Movable smoke blocking wall: The movable smoke blocking vertical wall is usually made of inorganic fiber fabric, which is usually shrunk in the drum. When a fire occurs, it can be automatically lowered to the smoke blocking working position and meet the set smoke blocking height.

Second, the installation requirements of the smoke-blocking vertical wall and the control method of the movable vertical wall:

Installation requirements: The smoke-blocking height of the smoke-blocking vertical wall should meet the design requirements, and the minimum value should not be less than 500mm. The width of a single section of a rigid smoke-blocking wall made of non-combustible fireproof cloth, metal sheet, fire-proof glass and other materials should not be greater than 2000mm; the width of a single section of a flexible smoke-blocking wall made of metal sheet, inorganic fiber fabric, etc. should not be greater than 4000mm. The height of the smoke-blocking wall to the indoor floor should not be less than 2m (this requirement should also be met after the movable smoke-blocking wall is lowered);

Control method: The linkage control of the movable smoke blocking wall should have automatic control and manual control functions

The automatic control of the movable smoke blocking wall shall be the alarm signal of two independent smoke detectors located in the same smoke prevention zone and located near the electric smoke blocking wall, as the linkage trigger signal of the electric smoke blocking wall falling , and should be controlled by the fire linkage controller to control the landing of the electric smoke blocking wall.

Manual control of movable smoke-blocking wall, including on-site manual and remote manual control of fire control center. An on-site control button box shall be set for the movable smoke-blocking wall, and the lifting and lowering of the movable smoke-blocking wall can be controlled through the button box. The movable smoke retaining wall shall be able to manually control the movable smoke retaining wall on the fire linkage controller in the fire control room, and shall be directly connected to the manual control panel of the fire linkage controller set in the fire control room by a dedicated line.

The movable smoke blocking wall should be equipped with a special controller, and have the function of main and backup power supply, and should meet the following requirements: a) When the main power supply is cut off, it should be able to send a corresponding signal and control the smoke blocking wall to descend b) The controller should not malfunction during the conversion of the main and backup power sources; c) The backup power capacity should be able to meet the requirement that the smoke-blocking wall is lowered to the smoke-blocking working position no less than 3 times.

3. Finally, let’s take a look at which places need to set up smoke blocking walls, as follows:

1. The room area is greater than 300 square meters or the corridor exceeds 40m;

2. Where the area is greater than 500 square meters, and there is no natural formation (such as beam) to block the smoke, a smoke blocking wall should be set up.

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