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Application of smoke curtains 1

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Where can the smoke curtain be applied?

1-Escape Routes

When considering setting up and providing protected means of escape, smoke control is the most important part.

Tranditionally , the protected escape route has been along brick or concrete corridors.  But the building design is not suitable for permanent strctural barriers. 

Anlin smoke curtain can provide a kind of insurance protective escape device, which retracts into the ceilling when not in use,providing an unobstructed open area. 

2-Elevator Door

Elevator shafts are permanent compartment breaches that have the potential to spread fre and smoke vertically through a building very quickly. While most elevator doors offer some degree of fire resistance, this not as effective as a smoke seal.

Anlin smoke curtain provide effective smoke blocking and are installed around elevator doors to make the curtain invisible when retracted. After installation, it can significantly reduce smoke leak levels in compliance with international lead requirements.

3-Elevator Lobby

While Anlin Somke Curtain can provide a smoke-tight curtain to the front of any elevator door, this may not be suitable for a building's fire protection strategy and may require the creation of a protected lobby in front of a row of elevator doors. Where it was previously necessary to build a physical fire and smoke barrier,  curtain can now be used. Likewise, when not in use, there are no physical barriers or restrictions, and smoke-tight halls can be created if desired.

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