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which decides the price of rolling smoke curtain fire resistant curtain commercial fire retardant curtains

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There are many factors which can affect the price of smoke curtains:
  • The size of the area of the environment you need to protect

  • The type of environment you want to protect: is it industrial, public or leisure?

  • The level of protection you require

  • How quickly you require the smoke curtains

  • Whether you require manufacture only, or installation and manufacture of the smoke curtains

  • 微信图片_20220705150950_副本Where the smoke curtain needs to be delivered to

Each of these will effect the cost of your fire safe curtains, with the size and installation having a potentially large impact on the cost of your smoke prevention project.

So, how much does a smoke curtain cost?

Depending on the factors above, a smoke curtain's cost can vary hugely. It's very much a “how much is a piece of string” question.

The quickest way to discover the cost of smoke curtains for your projects is to contact us for a project-specific quote.

While you can find cheap smoke curtains, high quality smoke curtains are a worthwhile investment for peace of mind.

All of our insulted smoke curtains are fully certified, and we provide a test certificate for every curtain we manufacture.


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