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Under what circumstances should a smoke curtain be installed?

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For a room with smoke exhaust equipment, if the aisle and the clear height are less than six meters, it is necessary to set up a smoke blocking wall. The protruding part under the smoke-blocking vertical wall used must be 0.5m higher than the smoke-proof zone divided by the beam, and each construction step must be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of installation regulations. However, for rooms without smoke exhaust equipment, there is no need to install smoke blocking walls.

If a room equipped with smoke exhaust equipment,and it's aisle and height are less than 6 m, it is necessary to install a smoke curtain.

The protruding part of smoke curtain need heigher 0.5m than the the smoke proof zone  which divided by beam. Each construction step must be carried out in accordance with the regulation. 

For rooms without a smoke exhaust equipment, there is no need to install somke curtain.

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