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The function of smoke curtain system

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The smoke curtains from Anlin are a cutting-edge solution for fire protection in buildings. These advanced fire-resistant fabric roller barriers are housed in a compact steel housing, making them both visually unobtrusive and highly durable. When activated by an alarm or detector signal, the smoke curtains automatically descend to their operational position, providing an effective means of detecting and containing fires before they spread throughout the building.

fire & smoke curtain

One of the key features of these smoke curtains is their controlled gravity fail-safe operation. This system ensures that even in the event of total power loss or wiring/system corruption on all curtains, the smoke curtains will safely and effectively descend to their operational position. This helps to provide additional peace of mind for building owners and occupants, knowing that these smoke curtains are designed to perform even in the most challenging conditions.

smoke curtain

In addition to their impressive safety features, Anlin's smoke curtains also offer a range of other benefits. For example, they are highly resistant to flames and heat, making them ideal for use in high-risk environments such as chemical plants, data centers, and other industrial facilities. They are also easy to install and maintain, requiring minimal upkeep over time.

smoke & fire rated curtains

Overall, the smoke curtains from Anlin are a top-quality solution for fire protection in buildings. With their advanced features, reliable performance, and long lifespan, these smoke curtains are a wise investment for any facility looking to protect its occupants and assets from the threat of fire.

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