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The difference between fireproof rolling shutter door and ordinary rolling shutter door

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The word fireproof rolling door is not unfamiliar to us now, in our daily life, we can see rolling doors everywhere, fireproof rolling door is on the basis of rolling doors plus fire-resistant materials, when you buy fireproof rolling shutter door, can you distinguish between fireproof rolling shutter door and ordinary rolling shutter door? Are they the same materials and characteristics? The following is a detailed analysis of:

Fireproof rolling door is an essential fire retardant product in buildings, suitable for larger fireproof areas where fire doors cannot be used, and its fireproof performance is quite excellent. In terms of appearance, there is almost no difference between ordinary rolling doors and fireproof rolling doors.

However, as a fireproof product, it certainly should have its uniqueness, ordinary Rolling door has manual and motor control, fire rolling door is mainly controlled by motor, the difference is that one is ordinary motor, the other is fireproof motor.


The curtain of the ordinary rolling door is hollow and curved or separate physical or motor switch, while the curtain of the fireproof rolling door is filled with fireproof material, with flame retardant and heat insulation, the fireproof rolling door can be connected to the fire control of the whole building.

Steel fire shutter door is an important fire protection facility for fire distinction and fire partition in public places, it is a mechanical and electrical comprehensive performance of fire protection products, therefore, the installed fire shutter should always be in normal condition. The use of steel fire shutter door process, should use special equipment and by special personnel custody and have some basic knowledge of electrical and mechanical.


In the process of use, the use of personnel shall not leave the scene without permission, should pay close attention to the opening and closing situation and implementation, open and close does not allow people to stand or walk under the roller shutter, in order to prevent the trip switch failure, the roller shutter jammed, motor blocked and other accidents. Infrequent use of fire partitions and fire partitions of the steel fire shutter, once the area is on fire, the shutter should be effectively put into use, with linkage control function of automatic control of fire shutter must be in accordance with a set of control command procedures.

In the process of use once found abnormal, should immediately take emergency measures to cut off the input power and troubleshooting, fire shutters should establish a regular maintenance system, and record the maintenance records of each shutter, record archives, and long time will not open and close the shutter must be maintained once every six months.

The content is to remove dust, paint and lubricate the transmission part of the sprocket roller chain, check whether the wire and electrical equipment is damaged, whether the normal operation and whether it is in line with the various instructions, such as damage and does not meet the requirements should be immediately overhauled.


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