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  • Rolling Shutter Side Motor

    AC Rolling Shutter Side Motor

    Widely used in openning and closing the rolling shutter door of supermarket, storehouse, cinema, hotel, factory etc..

  • automatic rolling door motor

    Rolling Door Motor With Electronic Limit Switch

    electronic limit, absolute value, precision positioning , prvent to rush out of limit position. 1. easy installation: Travel limit setting by receiver; 2. intelligent control: Anti running out limit; 3. Stability: Highly protect motor in thunderstorm weather; 4. Lower noise: using the high precision gear and shaft;  5. Security: it can match with many safety function.

  • Rolling Shutter Side Motor

    AC roller shutter motor controller 600Kg

    Separate circuit control ensures the security Safety brake,accurate limited control positioning,with double limit switch protection, prevent door   over roll-up. UPS automatic system is available,No bother of power failure

The comparsion diagram of the material of ruller shutter door motor

September 11,2019.

  The material of our rolling shutter door motor gearbox is made of ultra-high-strength steel, which has high resistance to toughness, and has an accuracy level of eight grades.

  But the other merchants, their material may be made of plastic .Plastic gears are prone to wear and are likely to cause personal safety.

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