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Electric garage door controller rolling shutter door rolling gate remote control external new chain motor receiver

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 Blue Ocean will be listed in 2019

Plan new products, held the "Fortune Summit" large chamber of Commerce.Join the Blue Ocean Project,

1609378699(1)Along with the continuous development of science and technology, AnLin company continuously explore in the motor industry, for the system to solve problems related to electric rolling door motor, follow the development of intelligent doors and Windows, AnLin fujian AnLin mechanical and electrical technology co., LTD., a subsidiary company relying on its powerful ability of core technology integration advantage resources, after two years of concentrated research and development, launched in November 8, 2019 "blue ocean plan QL200, AL260 two series of products, and" blue ocean "union" number one shock come on the stage, was the first to open electric rolling door into a "safe" + ", "+" insurance ", "service" era of intelligence, Ann lai electrical and mechanical "is extremelyFront dark global thinking, to promote the electric rolling door industry reform and healthy development.

y 2020, our company has the most advanced technology industry in the world.And far-sighted overall thinking, driving the reform and healthy development of anlin industry.The world's first automated production line

Shutter door motor, designed to provide consumers with "safety + artificial intelligence + insurance + services" comprehensive solutions.

"safety +AI+ insurance + service"
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