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Silicone Coated Anti Fire Horizontal Smoke Curtain Smoke Barrier

Anlin Smoke curtain composed of motor, power box, control box, group control box, wireless remote control system.
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Silicone Coated Anti Fire Horizontal Smoke Curtain Smoke Barrier non combustible curtains (2)

fireproof curtain


The fire & smoke curtain Anlin designs and manufactures adopt the latest absolute value electronic limit technology, no need to reset the limit when power off.

The smoke curtain can be applied in escape route, elevator door, elevator lobby, escalators and stairs, Atrium Chimney ,etc.. We can customized smoke curtain according to your specific application scenarios.

folding smoke curtain

Fire Curtain Smoke Curtain
Product Model AL-2036 AL-ZDDJ
Product description Double sided silicone coated fiberglass cloth reinforced with steel wire Double sided silicone coated fiberglass cloth reinforced with steel wire
Gram weight 710+/-10%g/m2 660+/-10%g/m2

0.7 +/-0.01 mm

0.60 +/-0.01 mm

Color Silver bright silver bright
Tensile Strength Warp 2370N/inch 2238N/inch
Tensile Strength Weft
2361N/inch 2316N/inch
Tear Strength Warp 154N 160.3N
Tear Strength Weft 171N 160.6N
Reaction To Fire Self-extinguishing Self-extinguishing
Working temperature

180°C (Coating)

550°C (base fabric)

600°C /120min
Fabric Width 1500mm 1000mm,1300mm,1550mm
Recommended Use Thermal insulation, Fire curtain Fire& Smoke curtain

                                                                 Not Just Quality

                                                 More Optional Functions

                                                       Integrate Multiple Technologies automatic fire curtain

fire curtain

    Option 1: 1 control 1set                                                                 Option 2:1control 4, 1control 8, 1control 12sets.

   Inclusions:Motor,Controller,operation lock box                               Inclusions: Motor , Group controller , Sub-controller, 

                                                                                          operation lock box         

rolling smoke curtain

smoke curtain tubular



2.Power box

3.Control box

4.Group control box

5.Wireless remote control system

fire proof curtain

          Motor Parameter

Rated voltage Motor diameter Rated current Rated power Rated torque Rated speed IP Level
Battery standby time
DC 24V 59mm 8A 192W 30N.m 18rpm IP44 2h

smoke barrier

   Control Center Parameters

Rated Voltage AC220V-240V /50Hz
Output Voltage DC24V
3models : 1 control 4,8,12 motors respectively
Self-testing function: control the curtain to descend until the lower limit, then rise to the upper limit.
Automatic reset function: After the fire alarm disappears, the curtain automatically rises to the upper limit 
Automatic descending function without mains power: when there is no mains power,the curtain automatically descends to the lower limit


non combustible curtains

ANLIN is the only company who is listed in Intertek directory of building products 
in accordance with the standard BS EN12101-1:2005+A1
Intertek has conducted an evaluation for FUJIAN ANLIN INTELLIGENT SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD to determine the performance of Reliability and durability, Default operation to fire position, Response time, Permeability to smoke and Temperature/time resistance of the Automatic smoke curtain.

Intertek fire curtain

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