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Requirements for the setting of smoke curtain

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The active smoke curtain mainly includes vertical type and horizontal type, which can automatically run from the initial position to the smoke blocking working position, and meet the set smoke blocking height.

The smoke curtain is usually made of inorganic fiber fabric, which is usually shrunk in the drum. When a fire occurs, it can be automatically lowered to the smoke-blocking working position. (similar to fire curtains)

What is the reqirement when setting a smoke curtain?

1. For vertical type smoke curtain ,when it is connected with two or more pieces of fabric, the lap width shall not be less than 20mm. The overlapping width of the vertical curtain shall not be less than 100mm; the overlapping width of the horizontal type smoke curtain shall not be less than 20mm. The gap between the smoke curtain and the building structure (column or wall) surface should not be greater than 60mm.

2. The running speed of the vertical type smoke curtain shall not be less than 0.07m/s; the running time of the horizontal type smoke curtain shall be less than 7s.

folding smoke curtain

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