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  • Rolling Shutter Side Motor

    AC Rolling Shutter Side Motor

    Widely used in openning and closing the rolling shutter door of supermarket, storehouse, cinema, hotel, factory etc..

  • automatic rolling door motor

    Rolling Door Motor With Electronic Limit Switch

    electronic limit, absolute value, precision positioning , prvent to rush out of limit position. 1. easy installation: Travel limit setting by receiver; 2. intelligent control: Anti running out limit; 3. Stability: Highly protect motor in thunderstorm weather; 4. Lower noise: using the high precision gear and shaft;  5. Security: it can match with many safety function.

  • Rolling Shutter Side Motor

    AC roller shutter motor controller 600Kg

    Separate circuit control ensures the security Safety brake,accurate limited control positioning,with double limit switch protection, prevent door   over roll-up. UPS automatic system is available,No bother of power failure

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  • Customizable electric fireproof rolling shutter motor

    1. Learning limits are simple. 2. It is easy to re-adjust the limit. 3. The problem of the motor can be judged by the indicator light. 4. Open the built-in, to ensure safety. 5. Big feet, easy to install. 6. There is a test function, you can test it yourself without installing fire after installation. 7. Wiring is simple, only 4 wires are needed. 8. There is a chain. In case of emergency, the position of the door can be adjusted below.

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  • Electric roller shutter industrial door motor

    1. Wiring is simple, only 4 wires are needed. 2. There is a chain. In case of emergency, the position of the door can be adjusted below. 3. There is anti-break chain to ensure safety and prevent the door from falling. 4. There is an upper safety switch to prevent the door from rewinding. 5. Open the built-in, to ensure safety. 6. Big feet, easy to install. 7. There is a test function, you can test it yourself without installing fire after installation.

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  • Anti-theft double hook padlock of rolling shutter door(B lock)

    Electric roller shutter anti-theft lock and ground hook lock are suitable for all vertical and horizontal pull electric door/window’s installation. It adopts double lock hook method. It can be locked without key, and it can be locked automatically. The alloy precision casting hook can not be Picked up by human, with the B-class lock core, which completely eliminates the remote control serial code, copy and so on.

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  •  shutter motor

    Nice Roller Door Motor Rolling Door Manufacture

    Mechanical limit have 8 points: 1.Compact construction,large torque,and running without noise. 2.With the national patent of Chain-break protection. 3.The motor will not burn down for the protection of thermal effect 4.Separate circuit control ensures the security. 5.Safety brake,accurate limited control positioning,with double limit switch protection, prevent door  over roll-up. 6.Use UPS automatic system, don't worry about power cuts. 7.Can work with remote controller. 8.Easy to install, easy to maintenance and with long useful life.

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  • devices rolling door motor

    Nice Roller Door Motor Rolling Door Manufacture

    1. Sound and light report interface(can be connected to power supply or sound and light indication) 2. Infrared interface (connector wire is connected) 3. Controller can control four doors (one control four or one control one can convert each other) 4. with the function of delay automatic door closing.

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  • Steel Fire Rated Door

    Fire rated rolling shutter door

    There are two kinds of steel fire doors:Single Skin Galvanized Steel Fire Rated Door,Double Skin Galvanized Steel Fire Rated Door

    Hot Tags : Single Skin Galvanized Steel Fire Rated Door Double Skin Galvanized Steel Fire Rated Door Steel Fire Rated Door fireproof rolling shutter door

  • Inorganic double track and curtain fire shutter door

    Customized Fiber Curtain Fire Roller Shutter

    Inorganic fibers comply with the relevant provisions of health and environmental protection in accordance with the raw materials used in fireproof shutters, and do not use materials that are prohibited by the State. The various raw materials used in the main parts of fireproof shutter doors shall comply with the corresponding national standards or industry standards. The thickness of the raw material should be shown in Figure 1. Table 1 raw material thickness Part name Raw material thickness Curtain Ordinary curtain thickness ≥1.0; thickness of any curtain in composite curtain ≥0.8 Splint 5.0mm Base plate 3.0mm rail  Buried type ≥1.5; exposed type ≥3.0 Threshold 0.8mm Box 0.8mm Note: The thickness of the composite rail and base plate can be calculated by the superposition method. Inorganic fiber composite fireproof shutter’s decorative cloth or base fabric may be able to crack under -20 ° C conditions and should maintain a certain elasticity; should not adhere at +50 ° C conditions. The combustion performance of the decorative fabric of the inorganic fiber composite fireproof shutter curtain shall not be lower than the requirements of GB8624-1997B (textile); the burning performance of the base fabric shall be GB8624-1997A. Fire resistance The fire resistance test was carried out for 240 min: the integrity was not lost; the highest average temperature rise of the backfire surface was 128.7 ° C, the highest temperature rise was 174 ° C, and the maximum temperature of the rail back surface was 314.8 ° C, without loss of thermal insulation, fire endurance > 4.00h. Fireproof Rolling Door Motor Parameter (Mechanical Limit) Model Input  voltage Rated power Output speed Output torque Elvation Rolling  tube  diameter Max  elevating distance Short-time  rating Remote  control distance Type  of chain FJJ335-3P AC 380V  50hz 250W 5.5r/mim 335N.m 600kg 5" 6m <10min >30m 10A FJJ750-3P AC 380V  50hz 370W 4.0r/mim 750N.m 1000kg 6" 9m <10min >30m 10A FJJ1100-3P AC 380V  50hz 800W 4.0r/mim 1100N.m 1500kg 8" 9m <10min >30m 12A FJJ2450-3P AC 380V  50hz 1500W 3.5r/mim 2450N.m 2000kg 8" 16m <15min >30m 16A

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  • shutter motor roller

    AC 800kg electric rolling door motor

    AC 800kg electric rolling door motor Technical Specifications Model Rated  power Rated  current Output speed Output torque Elevation Rolling tube diameter Max elevation distance short-time rating 220V/110V    50Hz QL-300-1P (300kg) 250W 2.8A 5.4r/min 168N.m 300kg 4" 6m <7min QL-400-1P (400kg) 300W 3.2A 5.4r/min 225N.m 400kg 4" 6m <7min QL-500-1P (500kg) 370W 3.3A 5.7r/min 343N.m 500kg 5" 6m <7min QL-600-1P (600kg) 370W 3.3A 5.3r/min 412N.m 600kg 5" 6m <7min QL-800-1P (800kg) 400W 4.5A 4.6r/min 647N.m 800kg 6" 9m <7min QL-1000-1P (1000kg) 500W 4.5A 3.5r/min 809N.m 1000kg 6" 9m <7min 380V   50Hz QL-600-3P (600kg) 250W 1.1A 5.3r/min 412N.m 600Kg 5" 6m <10min QL-800-3P (800kg) 320W 2A 4.0r/min 647N.m 800Kg 6" 9m <10min QL-1000-3P (1000kg) 370W 2.3A 4.0r/min 809N.m 1000Kg 6" 9m <10min QL-1500-3P (1500kg) 800W 2A 4.5r/min 1617N.m 1500Kg 8" 9m <10min QL-2000-3P (2000kg) 1500W 4.5A 3.6r/min 2450N.m 2000Kg 8" 16m <15min 100% copper material inside the motor, so it have a larger capacity and durable than other motors,we also can do aluminum winding if customers choose.

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