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Smoke Guard

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  • How do smoke curtain work
    Smoke curtains are essential in preventing the spread of smoke during a fire, which can save lives and lower repair costs. But how do they work?Smoke curtains are a barrier to smoke, they serve as proteictive covers from smoke and the consequences that arise from it . Smoke curtains prevent the move
  • What is the advantage of elevator smoke curtain?
    The Elevator Smoke Curtain can be installed almost invisibly in front of elevator openings.During a fire event, the smoke containment curtain automatically deploys acting as a barrier to prevent smoke from spreading via the elevator shaft. Flexible magnetic strips are attached to the curtain’s edges
  • Smoke and Fire Rated Curtains applications-elevator door
    Elevator shafts are permanent compartment breaches thathave the potential to spread fire and smoke verticallythrough a building very quickly. While most elevator doorshave some degree of fire resistance,but for smoke, thesealing effect is not good. ANLIN smoke curtains provideeffective smoke shield.
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