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Installation of smoke curtains

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The active smoke curtain is a kind of fire-fighting equipment with fire-proof cloth as the main smoke-blocking component, combined with other components: power supply, control box, motor, reel, etc., to achieve the function of descending when there is a fire, and automatically pull back when there is no fire. . The  active smoke curtain is an intelligent smoke prevention facility, which can realize intelligent smoke prevention and exhaust through smoke sensing and fire linkage. Of course, the installation process and steps are also more complicated than the fixed smoke blocking wall.

There are different kind of installation ways according to actual site condition.

1. Installation with suspended ceiling

If there is a suspended ceiling under the building roof, the bottom of the smoke curtain should be flush with the suspended ceiling to ensure the design beauty.

2. Installation without ceiling

If the smoke curtain is directly installed under the roof, a certain height of sealing and fixing measures (fixed hanging board) should be set at the bottom of the beam , it is for reserve space for motor cables layout and to facilitate the operation, and then install the smoke curtain on the fixed wall below the facility.

3.Two or more curtains splicing installation

Install on the same horizontal line according to the height, and build a splicing keel in the middle. There should be a certain gap between the smoke curtain and other structures (columns or walls) of the building, but the gap should not be bigger than 60mm, and there should be no gap between the continuous curtains, and the overlap width should not be less than 100mm.

3. Installation of smoke curtain above door opening.

It should be installed on the back of the door opening direction and behind the evacuation sign.

folding smoke curtain

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