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Tubular Motor for Roller Shutter Door

Hot sale tubular motors for roller blinds with factory price

Tubular motors are the driving force device behind many roller shutters and windows,awnings,garage doors,and projection screens.The product emits minimal noise during operation,are easy to conceal,compact in size and whish to install.

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Hot sale tubular motors for roller blinds with factory price

Electronic limit rolling door motor is our new design motor, comparing with common rolling door motor, it has many difference and advantages.

The difference will bring you three advantages, please kindly see below our electronic limit rolling door motor  advantage:

1. For more safety

* Rolling code control system ---- never be copied

* up date wire connection -----no electricity in standby status, not burn in thundery weather, safe in after service

* Electronic limit function --- set limit position exactly and never forget, no go over limit position

                    ---motor will not work if problem in limit

* wireless push button---can set password in push button

2. For more convenient

Supper remote---learn new remote from remote,set left and right installation from remote

Electroni limit --- set limit position by receive box, one up and one down can finish setting, save much time in installation

* wireless push button--- wireless to make installation more easily and can take it along

* wire connection--- more firmly wire connection to avoid connection loosing.

3. For more benefit point

* More different parts can add---- safety edge, wireless photocell, card reader, each part is benefit point

* much lower noise motor

* we are the only supplier in this motor, we can help you for the market.

DC24V/ 80N Tubular Motor

Prevent going over limit
Absolute value,more precise limit for more safety
More convenient
Only need simple operation in receiver can finish abjusting limit position
More efficiency
Only need one up and one down to finish setting limit,save much more time comparing classic motor

Technical Specifications
rolling door operator

Optional Accessoriesrolling door parts

Wireless Safety Edge

Can add wireless safety edge, and set up stop, rebound times is 0.5s/2s /to up limitmode when meet obstacle(on the module setting).

Can add wireless safety edge and alarm system. When door is opened by thief orpried to higher than 5cm, it can alarm of upto 105 decibels.

Wireless Safety Edge Schematic diagram

Wireless Safety Edge Schematic diagram

rolling door parts

Infrared sensor
Can add infrared sensor. When the infrared meet obstacle, the motor stop operating andthe door is no running.
When the shutter door moving up and infrared meeting obstacle, the shutter door stop.
When the shutter door moving down and infrared meeting obstacle, the shutter dooraccording to the dialer response action( Dialer in infrared sensor)
Can set up stop, rebound times is 0.5s/2s /to up limit mode when meet obstacle

(on the module setting)

Infrared sensor Schematic diagram

Infrared sensor Schematic diagramTechnical Specifications

Exhibition Design Exhibition Design

Being industry leader, anlin’s contribution in passing years

Our anlin electromechanical institute is working hard all the time, our engineers will createmore subversive products with their passions to this industry, to innovation, to satisfactionof our clients. We will keep firming the leading position in this industry, and keep makingmore remarkable contribution to this industry.

Industry contribution

If you want to know more information about our products ,welcome to contact us in any time, we will supply our products at the very best prices. And welcome to our company,we display more new design in our exhibition hall.

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