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  • Rolling Shutter Side Motor

    AC Rolling Shutter Side Motor

    Widely used in openning and closing the rolling shutter door of supermarket, storehouse, cinema, hotel, factory etc..

  • automatic rolling door motor

    Rolling Door Motor With Electronic Limit Switch

    electronic limit, absolute value, precision positioning , prvent to rush out of limit position. 1. easy installation: Travel limit setting by receiver; 2. intelligent control: Anti running out limit; 3. Stability: Highly protect motor in thunderstorm weather; 4. Lower noise: using the high precision gear and shaft;  5. Security: it can match with many safety function.

  • Rolling Shutter Side Motor

    AC roller shutter motor controller 600Kg

    Separate circuit control ensures the security Safety brake,accurate limited control positioning,with double limit switch protection, prevent door   over roll-up. UPS automatic system is available,No bother of power failure

Function Introduction of Electronic Limit Tubular Motor with Storage Power

November 28,2018.

Function Introduction of Electronic Limit Tubular Motor with Storage Power

AC&DC electronic limit rolling door motor is the new product developed by our company. It adopts many new patent technologies, so its functions are more brilliant, the users can install it more easily, operate it more reliable.

1.Electronic limit, absolute value, precision positioning.

2.Prevent to rush out of limit position.

3.Lower noise.

4.Soft open and soft closed.

5.Make door same speed in up moving and down moving.

6.Intelligent control, through the mother transmitter can realized the functions of increasing other transmitters, installation conversion and lock or shielding etc.

7.Wireless password wall switch, it shorten controller and motor cables, controller can installed near motor which fixed on the wall by screw or double-sided tape, reducing installation of the excavated, buried lines, filling wall, rendering and other processes.

8.Adopt the new high-performance rechargeable battery and charge/discharge power management software upgrade, it improve the protection of the battery, and greatly improve the service life of the battery.

9.In normal circumstances:power supply by city power(storage power optional).If power cut,the automatic change storage power matching supply power, the battery charged can keep motor normal operation of the upper and lower 20 times(depending on the door actual weight decision).

10.Low voltage available, and patent technology, low power to 160v is still keep on use the normal.

11.Can add wireless safety edge, and set up stop when meet obstacle, rebound times is 0.5s/2s /open mode (on the module setting).

12.Can add wireless safety edge and alarm system. When door is opened by thief or pried to 5cm above, it can alarm of up to 105 decibels.

13.Can add infrared sensor. When the infrared meet obstacle, the motor stop operating and the door is no running.

14.Can add electronic door lock A -- electronic lock

When the door closing to limit a automatically locked, press up key when opening the door, electric locks automatically open, the door up.Open the door without the key, people can't pry, safer, make sure safety.

B -- intelligent power ground lock, double hook padlock

·Two levels of lock, can not be pried.

·Class B  Ye Pian  suo core, it will not appear two key tooth pattern approximation, to prevent a key to open more than two locks.

·When close the door, the lock was locked automatically and the motor power was cut ou to avoid string code or decoding.

·Use key to open the lock, the power supply automatically, and then use the remote control to open the door (mechanical, electronic two levels of protection)

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