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Rolling Door Opener

DC 24V Electric Rolling Door Opener Shutter Door Motor

Our series of Rolling Door Motors are used to drive rolling doors from 200kg to 1000kg.
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DC 24V Electric Rolling Door Opener Shutter Door Motor

1. Limit switch unit enables precise adjustment of door in both up and down positions.
2. Electric and manual operation.
3. Control panel wiring is available to safety device, alarm lamp and remote controller.
4. Easy installation, legerity design, low noise, small energy consumption.
5. Overheat protection.

DC electric rolling door motor

Precisely open and closed
This type gear rolling shutter motor can be operated by electricity and manual,precise limit by limiter controller automatically
 roller shutter limit switch motor With the lightning protection, the motor is not easy to be damagedroller shutter door engine Make dimension of Rolling shutter door pipe diameter (choose 4 inch,5 inch,6 inch). motor bracket system according to your request.Rolling door motor support plateInstallation diagram of rolling door motor

1. Our products are made according to the right installation methods (look out of the inside doors), The users should spin 4 tightened screws if the products will be installed on the left side: relock the 4 screws tightly after making a 180º rotation of the Chain Cage, the wire colors of “white (up)”and “green (down)”must be changed.
2. The Sprocket Bracket can be installed horizontally as shown fgure.3.The users can also install this product within 0º-45º. When the sprocket Bracket wasn’t the horizontal installa- tion, the users should spin the automatic cage and give the circle Chain a vertical down- ward pull. At the same time, the cage must be matched with the end of the motor. After the users make sure that there is no interval between the motor and the cage, please wring the screws tightly, In order to avoid affecting the automatic brake, please don’t wring the cage badly.
● Rolling Door Motors should be installed horizontally, the portier and the reel should be concentric and horizontal, the curtain pieces can’t be stuck.
● Adjust the Chain a vertical downward pull 3-6mm.
● Strictly forbid users to pull the fairlead of motors.
● The cross section area of external wire to the motor must be less than 1mm2.
● In order to avoid being short-out in the Electric Rolling Door Motor lead to the Electric Rolling Door Motor is burnt, please pay attention to prevent the motors from being soaked and damped.
● Please connect to the ground well according to the instruction.
● The users should connect to the power PH order correctly. The right installation: The motor can rotate in a counterclockwise direction ( look out of the bottom bracket) when the users push the “up”(white wire) press button. With reference fg.1
Debugging of spacing collar and spacing block:
● The users should untie the screw nails.3 of spacing structure, then pull the Chain by manual operation, the distance from the curtain door to the ground is about 1m. Firstly, The users can try the “up”operation, the “down” operation and the “stop” operation.
● The users should check that whether the operations are normal or not. If normal, the users can pull the curtain door in the best position that are made sure.
● After this operation, the users should rotate the Spacing Collar5, adjust to the Switch 2, after we heard the “tick”voice, the users can lock the Screw nail 3, try it over and over, relock the screws.

             Safety edge                   Infrared sensor                    Alarm system Rolling door motor safety fittings

Wireless photo cell save wires and very easy in installation stop or rebound when something cut infrared line also support wire phot cell

Our company is the leader in Electric Roller Door Motor industry. We are chief editor of Chinese Electric Roller Door Motor industrial standard. and our company is the chairman company of door association. We have work in this field more than 20 years,we can produce according to your request. We are sure we can make a good manufacture for you. and welcome to visit our company..

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