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DC 24v 500-1000kg Rolling Shutter Side Door Motor

1. Compact construction, large torque, and running without noise

2. With the national patent of chain-break protection

3. The motor will not burn down for the protection of thermal effect4. Separate circuit control ensures the securitRemote control: With convenient and stability control function, can be operated by transmitter; Control door open and close

UPS automatic system is available, No bother of power failure
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  • QL-JMJ300AD

  • Anlin

  • 600kg

We produce smoke & fire curtains, residential rolling door motors,bank security rolling door motors, fire shuttor motors ,tubular motors and Australian type motors ,welcome to browse the products you are interested in.

logo.pngAnlin changes the traditional shutter door motor and leads the whole industry. We invite you to join the "blue ocean plan" for win-win development.