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Classification of fireproof rolling shutter door

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The fireproof rolling door is divided into two series: composite smoke proof type and common type, and there are five types of curtain board sections to choose from. The material is made of high quality cold-rolled hot galvanized fireproof special strip steel, the belly is filled with hanging aluminum acid fiber heat insulation material, the appearance is beautiful and flat, the structure is compact, strong steel, flexible opening and closing, superior fire resistance, safe and reliable, with manual, electric, automatic, linkage and speed release function.

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This product is the most practical kind of fire protection product in modern building, it has various functions such as fireproof, heat insulation, smoke prevention, anti-theft, etc. It is widely used in various civil buildings and high-rise buildings, large shopping malls, large logistics parks, libraries, underground garages, hotels, museums and underground human defense projects and other scenes.

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Fireproof rolling door is widely used in the fire partition area of industrial and civil buildings, which can effectively stop the spread of fire and protect the safety of life and property, and is an indispensable fire prevention facility in modern buildings. When a fire occurs, the fireproof rolling shutter door is automatically lowered (downward) according to the pre-set program under the control of the central fire control system, thus achieving the effect of stopping the flame from spreading to other ranges and buying valuable time for the implementation of fire fighting.

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