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Automatic Sliding Gate Motor Wifi Smart Garage Door Open Door Motor Opener

We are the first and largest company which specialized in rolling door motor in China, have more than 25 years experience in handmade production. Our company has the most advanced technology in the industry.With a forward-looking whole situation thinking, ANLIN is promoting the industry reform and healthy development of electric
shutter roll door motor , aiming to provide consumers with a comprehensive solution of "safety +AI+ insurance + service".
  • New ac 600
  • Anlin
  • 220w50hz
  • 600kg

we are the first automatic production line in the world , with a monthly output  of 300000 units of standard configuration products, it save cost

and reduce the price at the same time We have more than 40 patents, 16 inside are invention patents.The automatic production line has very

high requirements on the processing accuracy of accessories. The error

of the processing accuracy is within 50 microns, while the other company product is 20 microns. the machine can picks out unqualified parts automatically ,the accessories are perfect.


"safety +AI+ insurance + service"
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