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Anlin remote mobile remote control doors motor

we are the first automatic production line in the world , with a monthly output of 300000 units of standard configuration products, it save cost and reduce the price at the same time We have more than 40 patents, 16 inside are invention patents.The automatic production line has very high requirements on the processing accuracy of accessories. The error of the processing accuracy is within 50 microns, while the other company product is 20 microns. the machine can picks out unqualified parts automatically ,the accessories are perfect.
Working weight:
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  • 300kg

  • Anlin

  • DC12V

  • 300kg

We produce smoke & fire curtains, residential rolling door motors,bank security rolling door motors, fire shuttor motors ,tubular motors and Australian type motors ,welcome to browse the products you are interested in.

Anlin remote control sliding gate operatorAnlin changes the traditional shutter door motor and leads the whole industry. We invite you to join the "blue ocean plan" for win-win development.