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Anlin Glass Door Automatic Opener Side Motor

We are the first and largest company which specialized in rolling door motor in China, have more than 25 years experience in handmade production. Our company has the most advanced technology in the industry.With a forward-looking whole situation thinking, ANLIN is promoting the industry reform and healthy development of electric
shutter roll door motor , aiming to provide consumers with a comprehensive solution of "safety +AI+ insurance + service".
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  • New ac 200

  • Anlin

  • 220w50hz

  • 600kg

We produce smoke & fire curtains, residential rolling door motors,bank security rolling door motors, fire shuttor motors ,tubular motors and Australian type motors ,welcome to browse the products you are interested in.

Anlin glass door automatic opener Side MotorAnlin changes the traditional shutter door motor and leads the   whole industry.We invite you to join the "blue ocean plan" for win- win development.