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Rolling Shutter Door Motor

AC 300kg Roller Shutter Rolling Door Gate Opener Motor

Safety brake,accurate limited control positioning,with double limit switch protection, prevent door over roll-up.

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Rolling Shutter Door Motor Details:

1) manufacture AC, DC, AC and DC Rolling Door motor/rolling gate opener, design and make motors according to your request

2) AC motor: 300KG-2000KG, DC motor: 300KG-1000KG

3) 110V/220V/380V are all for our Rolling Door Opener.

4)with four relays inside to make sure our Rolling Door Opener to be more save.

5)100% copper material inside the motor, so it have a larger capacity and durable than other motors

6) make dimension of Rolling Door Opener bracket system according to your request, brake system build in the bracket system

7.we could design control system function according to your request, now we have functions: infrared sensor, learning code,ups, wireless safety edge when meet obstacle, alarm function, lighting and so on…

8) our Rolling Door Opener pass CE and we start exporting since 2003 and export to over 55countries.

9) professional company and professional sales makes your reliable supplier in China.

roller motor

This type gear rolling shutter motor can be operated by electricity and manual,precise limit by limiter controller automatically

roller garage door operator

High-quality alloy steel and special technical treatment to guarantee the strong hoist.

rolling garage door

With the lightning protection, the motor is not easy to be damaged

rolling door motor

make dimension of Rolling Door Opener bracket system according to your request, brake system build in the bracket system

Bracket plateStandard AccessoriesRolling door motor product listMotor partsMotor installation diagram

1.Fixed main bracket to embedded parts on structures or fixed on the wall by expansion bolts

2.The support bracket and bearing seat is installed at the other end of the wall or the embedded part. Pay attention to keep the left and the right ends of two axis concentric, no dislocation.

3.The transmission board is welded in the inner hole at one end, and the two support boards and a core shaft are welded at the other end of the roller.

4.Fixed the electric rolling door motor and adjust the chain, make the chain to a snug fit. Generally chain drop 2 ~ 4m.

5.Installed roller and curtains.

6.After installation, downward vertical pull manual chain, make the door 1 meter away from the ground. (pay attention to the direction of rotation, as right provided for clockwise, counterclockwise left installation; operating device should be flexible, reliable; open and closed door should be smooth , normal.)

7.The power supply and the controller is switched on, test "on", "stop", "down" button, observation roller shutter of ascending, descending, stop each function is sensitive and reliable or not.

CE certificateRolling door motor factory

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