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What is the difference between smoke curtains and fire curtains

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What is the difference between a smoke curtain and a fire curtain? As the names suggest, fire smoke curtains are used to block smoke, and fire curtains are used to prevent fire, so what is the difference between the two?

 1. The installation location is different. The smoke curtain is a smoke-proof and smoke-storage facility installed on the ceiling of the building, and the fire curtain is a door with a fire-proof function.

2. Different places of use. The smoke curtain is mainly used under the roof of the building together with the smoke exhaust facilities, and is usually suitable for high-rise, super-high-rise, large shopping malls, office buildings and warehouses. Fire curtains are widely used in fire partition areas of industrial or civil buildings. They are used to form fire partitions and are fire and heat insulation facilities suitable for large openings in buildings. 

3. The effect is different. Fire curtains are usually suitable for large openings in buildings, which play the role of fire prevention and heat insulation; 4.The material of smoke curtain is mainly made of inorganic fire-resistant fiberglass and processed by silicone  or polyurethane coating, which has the properties of smoke-proof, fire-proof and heat insulation. 

Anlin Smoke curtain composed of double-sided silicone coated with steel wire inside fiberglass fabric curtain ,motor, power box, control box, group control box, wireless remote control system.We adopts the latest absolute value, electronic limit technology, no need to reset the limit when power off.

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