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Fire Curtain Systems, an integral part of modern building safety in frastructure, have evolved to become indispensable components in safeguarding life and property against the devastating effects of fire. They serve as passive fire protection measures that play a pivotal role in compartmentalizing buildings, containing fires, and facilitating safeevacu ation during emergencies.
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smoke curtain at elevator

Fire Curtain Systems are meticulously engineered to withstand high temperatures for prolonged periods without losing their integrity. They consist of highly resistant materials, such as glass fiber or vermiculite-coated fabric,which provide insulation and hinder the passage of heat and smoke. In this manner, they contribute significantly to maintaining the structural stability of the building and allow occupants more time to evacuate safely, thus fulfilling a key aspect of fire safety regulations.

smoke curtains australia

Key Information

Curtain Types: Smoke Curtains

Product Standards: BS EN12101-1:2005+A1

Standards:BS- British,EN-European

Orientations: Vertical

Integrity Ratings: Up to 150 mins

Special Features: Available in unlimited widths

with a maximum drop of 10.5 meters.

smoke air curtain

This smoke containment system could be elevator smoke containment, vertical fire&smoke curtains, horizontal fire curtains, draft fire & smoke curtainsand perimeter fire curtains.

The product has obtained the intertek certification of Warnock Hersey(WH) mark(the safety and performance mark of building products recognized by North America and Europe)

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