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Safety And Security Industrial Automation Rolling Door Motor Efficient Energy Rolling Door Operationuse Three-phase Rolling Door Motor

The Industrial Rolling Door Motor is a specialized electric motor designed for operating heavy-duty rolling shutter doors commonly found in commercial and industrial settings. These motors are engineered to withstand the rigors of frequent use in demanding environments, ensuring seamless operation and long-term reliability.
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Long Remote Control Distance.

The Power will be cut off automatically when the transmitters are not operated.

Automatic phase correction, phase failure has alarm.

Can add infrared sensor.  It may realize the function of stop when meet obstacle.

If for some reasons the 3 phase connection is reversed,the motor will go inreverse and cause the door to fall down. But our motor can judge the phase inversionproblem to make the door work properly and avoid any malfunction.


100% copper material inside the motor, so it have a larger capacity and durable than other motors,we also can do aluminum winding if customers choose.


More peace of mind with lightning protection, using UPS lightning protection circuit design, more effective filtering

of instantaneous strong current to protect the motor.Improve the route, reduce the wiring;Reduce faults; Effectiveprotection against high current shock to the motor


Bracket and chain plate: using high-strength alloy steel plate,so that the motor is more solid to install, more stable to operate.