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New series motor heart: engine of rolling shutter door motor automatic garage gate operators Anlin

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We have lauched our new series named ' Blue Ocean' this year, the video will show its heart - engine, why it is so perfect, and why it has longer lifespan. 

 First the motor adopts aluminum shell to fast heat disspation, and we adopts better ways to bind the wires,and design the controller combined with the motor as a oneness,so the output lines linked to the controller was hidden inside. It looks very firm.

And the material we adopted is DW800 silicon steel, can reach the power rate 220w and brings different temperature rise from other factory's engine.We adopts a sleeve which can both insulate and transfer heat on the thermal protector, so our thermal protector can response with the actual temperature inside.Our relay can run 100,000 times while other traditional motor only run 20,000 to 30,000 times. Our capacitance  is full of glue and adopts 6.7~6.8 micrometers' film.We adapt fireproofing ABS plastic on the components inside which makes using process securer.

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