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Industrial lifting door is a new generation of industrial door independently researched and developed by Automatic Door, which is lifted in the upper part of the door body after opening to save the space inside the garage, without automatic safety protection device, the garage door can automatically rebound in case of obstacles when descending to ensure the safety of people and vehicles.
Door in the descent of obstacles such as can automatically rebound to ensure the safety of people and vehicles, in case of power outages can be easily opened indoors, outdoors, can be equipped with a variety of solutions, lightweight operation, reliable balance system, strong drive, well-made
Reliable balancing system, strong driving device, well-made guide rail, make the door run more light and flexible.
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Industrial lifting door consists of a series of door panels (common for color steel, stainless steel,

aluminum alloy, etc.), along the track rise, industrial lifting door in the appearance of the structural

design of the grand, the use of the sense of comfort; and larger size industrial products its stable,

spectacular running posture.


Product Performance

Good insulation performance, strong sealing, low noise, anti-theft, good wind resistance.

Operating system

Manual, electric.

Scope ofapplication

Apply to the external door of the plant

Safety performance

Door with fall prevention system, can be configured with airbag system, infrared security system, anti-wire rope breakage safety system.

Technical  Parameters

The door plate is composed of two layers of galvanized plate, the surface spraying treatment (ordinary panel), antioxidant. Filled with high density expanded polyurethane foam between the two steel plates, heat and sound insulation, strong mechanical resistance.

Heat insulation: K=0.4-0.5W/m2c Sound insulation: RW value=26.DBA

Door thickness

Door thickness from 40MM to 80MM, depending on the customer's requirements for edge function. Elastic polyurethane sealing The whole door appearance is compact and durable.