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An industrial gate door operator, often referred to as a gate opener or gate operator, is a mechanical or automated device designed to open and close large gates, such as those commonly found at industrial facilities, commercial properties, or even residential properties with heavy-duty gates. These gate operators are used to enhance security, control access, and improve convenience.
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The reduction gearbox adopts precision worm gear and worm drive and oil-immersed

lubrication, smooth transmission low noise, long service lifeBuilt-in limit, the structure is more compact more convenient adjustmentUnique quick release mechanism convenient operate door in an emergency

According to different structure can choose the on load bearing or down bearing installation;

Can choose according to need to use split type electric control or all-in-one control;

Control box with infrared, PNEUMO Switch and so on the many kinds of protection terminal interface;

Fast Rolling Door-operators for Industrial Purposes

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