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Fire Curtain Fire-Rated Rolling Shutter Motor Fire Door Motor Automatic Fire Door Actuator Emergency Closing System Motor

A fire door motor, also known as a fire door operator or automatic door closer, is an essential component of a fire safety system installed in buildings. It is an electric motorized device designed to automatically open and, more critically, close fire doors in the event of a fire emergency
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The primary function of a fire door motor is to ensure that fire doors, which are specifically constructed to be fire-resistant and retardant, operate efficiently and swiftly to compartmentalize a building. By automatically closing these doors, they help contain the spread of flames and smoke, providing crucial time for occupants to evacuate safely and for firefighters to control the blaze.Fire Door Motor Fire-Rated Rolling Shutter Motor

The patented electronic limit motorwith the lock box, can realize the limitsetting without climbing high, avoidingto climbhigh or drill the ceiling to adjustthe limit twice in the later stage of the proj-ect, saving money and labour.

 anlin Fire-Rated Rolling Shutter MotorFireproof Motor Controller Automatic Fire Door Actuator防火电机---升级款_06Fireproof Motor ManufacturerFire door motors typically feature advanced safety mechanisms and comply with stringent fire safety regulations. They may include backup power supplies to guarantee operation even when primary electricity fails, and some are equipped with intelligent control systems that allow for monitoring, testing, and manual override capabilities.