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Automatic Smoke Curtain EN12101-1 standard Fire and Smoke Curtain Drives and Controls Smoke & fire curtain for roof voids

A smoke curtain is a fire protection device designed to prevent or hinder the spread of smoke and heat in a building during a fire emergency. It is typically made of fire-resistant and heat-resistant materials, such as specialized fabrics or metal meshes, which drop down automatically from the ceiling or can be manually deployed to create a barrier.
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Applications: Protected Means of Escape, Lobbies and Receptions, Opening in Walls, Egress and Corridor Separations, Boundary Protection, Stairs and Escalators,Lifts and Lift Lobbies.Designed to control the spread of smoke and heat during a fire emergency, smoke curtains play a crucial role in enhancing life safety and reducing property damage.


This smoke containment system could be elevator smoke containment,vertical fire&smoke curtains, horizontal fire curtains, draft fire & smoke curtains and perimeter fire curtains.

The product has obtained the intertek certification of Warnock Hersey(WH) mark(the safety and performance mark of building products recognized by North America and Europe)


ANLIN fire &smoke curtain system is composed of two parts: drive and control. The drive partis mainly composed of motor,roller,idler and fire fabric. The control part is composed of group control center, motor controller and operation panel.


The smoke curtain is designed to prevent the spread of smoke and flames, allowing people to evacuate safely. It can be used in various settings, such as offices, hospitals, schools, and other public places where large numbers of people gather.

Overall, this image serves as a reminder of the importance of having proper fire safety measures in place. By investing in equipment like smoke curtains, we can help ensure the safety of ourselves and others in case of emergencies.