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Actual test to lift the 300 kg lifting weight for the new fireproof rolling door motor

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There are 600kg, 800kg, 1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg motors for fireproof rolling door motors according to different lifting forces. Let's calculate the weight of fireproof rolling shutters. Generally, a square meter of steel fireproof rolling shutters weighs about 10kg. Generally, the lifting force of the optional fireproof rolling shutter motor is twice the weight of the door body so that the fireproof rolling shutter door will not feel exhausted when it is used.

That is, according to the weight of the door body, how much lifting force the motor is configured, the general lifting force is twice the weight of the door body. The weight of the steel fireproof rolling door is generally 20kg/square meter; the weight of the inorganic fabric double-track double-curtain fireproof rolling door is about 10kg/square meter. As for the calculation of the area of the fire shutter door, we need to better understand it. Calculate the area of the fireproof rolling shutter door, and then calculate the weight of the fireproof rolling shutter door, so you know what lifting power motor should be used.

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