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  • Rolling Shutter Side Motor

    AC Rolling Shutter Side Motor

    Widely used in openning and closing the rolling shutter door of supermarket, storehouse, cinema, hotel, factory etc..

  • automatic rolling door motor

    Rolling Door Motor With Electronic Limit Switch

    electronic limit, absolute value, precision positioning , prvent to rush out of limit position. 1. easy installation: Travel limit setting by receiver; 2. intelligent control: Anti running out limit; 3. Stability: Highly protect motor in thunderstorm weather; 4. Lower noise: using the high precision gear and shaft;  5. Security: it can match with many safety function.

  • Rolling Shutter Side Motor

    AC roller shutter motor controller 600Kg

    Separate circuit control ensures the security Safety brake,accurate limited control positioning,with double limit switch protection, prevent door   over roll-up. UPS automatic system is available,No bother of power failure

Fujian Anlin Intelligent Science And Technology Co. Ltd.

Fujian Anlin Intelligent Science And Technology Co. Ltd.

Established in 1992,fujiananlin intelligent science and technology co.,ltd.(zhangzhou kylin electronics co.,ltd.) is a Fujian province national High Technology Enterprises which is engaging in researching, manufacturing, selling and offering service of intelligent electric doors and winows. Have import and export right, the first on board company in this ind...

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    New product-AC electronic limit resistance rebound motor

    New product-AC electronic limit resistance rebound motor AC electronic limit resistance rebound motor is the new product developed by our company. It adopts many new patent technologies. Motor comes with resistance rebound, pry the door alarm function, convenient and practical, greatly enhance the practical safety of the door. And the product also ...
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    How to learn the wired push button?

    The learning method of the wired push button.Get into transmitter Learning Pattern,Press the “stop" button and "down" button at the same time,after hear one tick loud and long from receiver,Then press the "lock" button to confirm,After the confirmation, press any key of wired push button. if one tick loud means we learn successfully.
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    Fire roller shutter series application scope

    Applicable to industrial and civil buildings in need of fire prevention , fire prevention function  of the design and use of fire roller shutter . Inorganic fiber composite fire shutter is only suitable  for indoor dry and ventilated place. 1 . steel fire roller shutter  That with steel materials do curtain plate , guide rail , a seat board si...
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    Scope of application of explosion-proof motor

    Explosion proof fire rolling door motor This kind of machine is suitable for gas stations chemical plant and so on where need to door of  explosion-proof places . Action button switch can automatically complete the shutter open or closed  In special conditions ( power outages , fire and electrical fault ) can be manipulated manual control. No spark...
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    Fujian Anlin for 2018 Shanghai R+T Fair

    Asia R+T Fair Is World’s leading trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection systems Shanghai R+T Fair 2018, the 14th Asian doors and windows shading will be in the New International Expo Center in Shanghai on 20-22 March 2018. We are show sample Electronic limit rolling shutter door motor, Fire rolling door motor ,Australian style door mo...
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